Friday, September 4, 2009

I love ladybugs!

Check out these cute little ladies!

I posted 2 ladybug items in my shop ( this morning.

A ladybug backpack.
The backpack is perfect your your little girl. It's wonderful to have and put little snacks in or evern a couple of toys.
We use ours when we go out to eat. I put crayons, cheerios, and a little doll in it.
Plus, it's super cute when they wear it.

A ladybug Bank.
My kids love finding money and putting it in their banks.
So I made this little bank for my little girl.
It's a cute little place for her to put her money.
It has a whole in the top to put the money in. To take the money out, just take the top off.

I hope you check out my new items. Just know that everyday I'm working on some kind of project. There is always something new being posted.

Also, if you see something you like but want to tweek it a little just let me know. I love getting cutstom orders.

Thanks for checking out our little ladies!

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