Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So much to do in so little time

It's crazy that it's only the end of September and I'm doing Halloween crafts and Christmas crafts. That's a lot! I guess I just didn't think about people buying for Christmas so early. I guess I should have since every store you go in already has Halloween things on sale and Christmas stuff out.

I'm wondering if I should just skip the Halloween crafts and save them for next year and jump right into the Christmas crafts.

I already started on some Christmas stuff but thought for sure that I had time before I needed to put them out. Guess I was wrong. I have so many great ideas that I guess I better get started. Don't wanna be late.

So if you are interested in christmas candle decorations, napkin rings with place mats, and tons of other things keep and eye on my shop. Christmas stuff will be popping up soon.


Thanks :)

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